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Beamer Visits the Dentist: The Beamer Book Series
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Come with Beamer as he tells his story of growing up in Tell Me Town and experiencing his first dental visit. This gentle therapy dog lives the life of a child with his best friend Kyle. Beamer's new friends Miss Jade and Dr. Kim will reduce your fears, while providing a positive and entertaining look at going to the dentist. 'Beamer Visits The Dentist is brilliant. The power of pet therapy is the space between the patient and the dentist. Family Health Center of Battle Creek has seen firsthand how a dog can calm a terrified child during a dental visit. Keep up the good work Beamer! You're making a difference one child at a time.' Dr. A.J. Jones Chief Executive Officer, Family Health Center of Battle Creek 'Beamer has done it again! Beamer Visits the Dentist is on point. It is a delightful simple text with great pictures designed to prepare any child for their first dental experience. Beamer and friends share their story to show going to the dentist is fun and important. Our mission, as pediatric dentists, is for your child to have a happy, healthy smile.' 'This book is designed to raise awareness, remove fear of the unknown, encourage oral health education and instill good dental habits at an early age. It's a must have!' Matthew Cooke, DDS, MD, MPH Departments of Pediatric Dentistry & Anesthesiology, University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine 'This book can teach kids not to be afraid because it is for your health. I like coming to the dentist because my teeth feel happy, and I get prizes. My little brother watches me when I come to the dentist and can't wait to see Dr. Kim. I want Beamer to come with me to my next dental appointment.' Angie Reyes 5th grader and child Patient of Dr. Kim and Miss Jade

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