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Phillips, Dds Ellie: Mouth Care Comes Clean
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Erscheinungsdatum: 16.10.2018, Medium: Taschenbuch, Einband: Kartoniert / Broschiert, Titel: Mouth Care Comes Clean, Titelzusatz: Breakthrough Strategies to Stop Cavities and Heal Gum Disease Naturally, Autor: Phillips, Dds Ellie, Verlag: River Grove Books, Sprache: Englisch, Schlagworte: HEALTH & FITNESS // Oral Health // Medizin und Gesundheit: Ratgeber // Sachbuch, Rubrik: Schönheit // Kosmetik, Seiten: 230, Informationen: Paperback, Gewicht: 360 gr, Verkäufer: averdo

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Quality First - Queens Premium Mask 5 pcs - 3 T...
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Brand from Japan: Quality First. Adopted super thick stretch sheet carefully woven with Hakusan's underwater water. Stick to the skin carefully, penetrate thoroughly the essence. Stretch sheet of multilayered structure carefully woven with underwater water of Bonin peak Hakusan which was also chosen for Heisei's famous water. Embrace large amounts of beauty essence in multilayered gaps, release at once at once on the skin. Let it penetrate thoroughly with the sealing effect of the mask. A close fitting fit is also excellent. W cyclone penetration technology in the penetration power of beauty ingredients dramatically up. By the ODT effect by the stretch sheet and the DDS effect by the capsule technology, the cosmetic ingredients included are infiltrated to the place where the deep inside of the skin is not hindered by the film barrier. The effect of the beauty ingredients is demonstrated to the utmost by this penetration effect of this double, beauty effect is markedly improved. You can feel the moisture up a notch. No antiseptic agent, six additives, hypoallergenic. The sheet mask that physically closes the skin requires extreme care in stimulation. Quality First pursued gentleness to the skin with seven non-additives. Synthetic perfume, coloring, mineral oil, silicon, alcohol, UV absorber not added. How to use: Remove the mask from the bag and spread it. First fit the eye position, then align the seat to the mouth position, fit the whole face. Leave the mask for 10 to 15 minutes as it is, then wipe off your face gently with the peeled mask.

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