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Motivational Interviewing in Dentistry
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Lynn Carlisle, DDS, the author of 'In a Spirit of Caring' and 'In a Spirit of Caring Revisited', has written another foundational book titled 'Motivational Interviewing in Dentistry' . This groundbreaking book helps dental professionals create deeper, impactful relationships with their patients. What you learn will help patients motivate themselves and say yes to the best that you and dentistry has to offer. Here are some topics covered in the 'Motivational Interviewing in Dentistry' book: . a history of person-centered approaches in dentistry -- Bob Barkley's legacy, . the four processes of Motivational Interviewing (MI) -- engaging, focusing, evoking and planning, . why they are crucial to your success in today's challenging times in dentistry, . why it is important to understand patient/client ambivalence, . how MI can help patients/clients say yes to your treatment recommendations, . how to respond to patient discord or complaints, . how you can use MI in your initial interviews of patients, . how relationship-based dental practices can use MI, . how you can use MI in the emerging oral/systemic connection and complete dentistry, . why the righting reflex and expert/savior traps set up resistance in patient/clients, . evidence-based research on the efficacy of Motivational Interviewing . resources for implementing MI in your dental practice . the spirit of Motivational Interviewing, . and much more,

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